BTS logoAre you interested in supporting our mission? Perhaps singing is not your thing? Good news—we can use all kinds of volunteers.

Bellingham Threshold Singers are on call to respond to requests for singing within hours if necessary, or within days if the call is less urgent. To achieve the degree of flexibility this demands, we must be highly organized, and that means there are many jobs to do.

Until recently, all these jobs have been done by our members, most of whom also sing at the bedside. When a singer has other tasks, however, she may not have as much time to sing. We are looking for volunteers to take over some of these tasks to free up our singers to do more singing.

A wide range of jobs could be done by volunteers, depending on their skills: maintaining our website, writing our monthly newsletter, organizing and publicizing events, directing one or more rehearsals, greeting visitors at our rehearsals, maintaining membership records, answering our phone, writing grants, making copies of music, serving as a board member, keeping our calendar, staffing a table at events, and many more.

Whatever your interests and talents, there is something you can do to support our mission. Please call us at 360-927-4384 or come to a rehearsal.

Bellingham Threshold Singers is pleased to be partnered with the Whatcom Volunteer Center. You can also volunteer for us through the Center. To find out more, go to http://www.whatcomvolunteer.org/.