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Our repertoire consists mostly of songs written especially for singing to those on life’s threshold. They are songs of peace, love, comfort, letting go, courage. We sing to let clients know they are not alone on their journey. For people who are tense or in pain, we sing to help them relax and focus on their breathing.

Not everyone we sing for is dying. We also sing for people who are recovering from surgery or severe illness and for people who may be house-bound or bedridden with chronic conditions. Our repertoire includes songs of life and joy to uplift these clients. Some have favorite songs from long ago or request Broadway show tunes or other genres. Although these songs may not be in our repertoire, we do our best to accommodate.

We have no religious affiliation and sing for people of all faiths or no faith. Some of our songs are spiritual though not religious; others are not spiritual at all. When Christian hymns are requested, we can supply a few. We also know a few songs from other faith traditions.

Many of our songs may be unfamiliar. They have been written especially to meet the needs of those who are at life’s threshold. Sometimes we only hum. Our lead singers are well-practiced at choosing songs and ways of singing that will best help the client in the moment.

We have no agenda when we visit a client. If we have been informed about a client’s condition, religion and musical preferences, we may have an idea about what we might sing. Circumstances can change quickly at life’s threshold, however, and we are prepared for anything.

We use hand signals to direct songs at the bedside.

We use hand signals to direct songs at the bedside.