Singing Class

Compassionate Singing Class

We offer a 12-week training for our members who want to sing for individuals who are ill or dying. This course teaches participants everything they need to know to qualify as bedside singers with Bellingham Threshold Singers. Topics to be covered include:

  • History of the international Threshold Choir movement
  • 20 songs every threshold singer should know
  • Hand signals used at the bedside
  • Singing techniques for the bedside
  • Facing our feelings about death and dying
  • Families in stressful times
  • Understanding dementia
  • Grounding before and after sings
  • Managing our feelings at the bedside
  • Blending with each other and our environment
  • Building trust in the sisterhood of singers
  • What to wear/bring to a sing
  • Maintaining boundaries, confidentiality

Singing experience and ability to read music are not required.

The class meets on Tuesday evenings and includes 6 regular rehearsals, which complement and support the training. It is offered twice a year. There is no charge.

All BTS members are eligible to take this class. To become a member, attend three rehearsals within a 3-month period and experience being sung to in our reclining chair at rehearsal.

Click here for Syllabus.