Advanced Medical Interventions

On Wednesday, September 9, Bellingham Threshold Singers will host a seminar on Advanced Medical Interventions. Offered by two critical care nurses, this talk explains what actually happens when a person is brought to an emergency room experiencing a heart attack or other medical emergency and what the outcome is likely to be. Hearing these realities may help us to decide what interventions we would want for ourselves and inspire us to fill out paperwork that lets our families and doctors know our wishes.

Diana Campbell, Vice President of Bellingham Threshold Singers, wrote an article about the impact attending one of these lectures had on her.


Dear friends,

A few months ago I met a couple of Bellingham nurses who are making a huge impact in our community. As experienced ICU nurses, their message is a wake-up call about the choices each of us can make regarding our own medical treatment.

The impact of their message moved me to write an article (see attached) that the Co-op published in their June newsletter. Read it with an eye to how this information might change your viewpoint for yourself or your loved ones. It certainly changed mine!

I encourage you to attend one of their upcoming workshops (see list attached) to hear for yourself the realities of medical interventions for all of us—young and old.



Advanced Medical Interventions, 6:30 pm, September 9, Jerns Chapel, corner of Sunset & James, Bellingham. Free. For more information, call (360) 927-4384.

Making Choices by Diana Campbell

Advanced Medical Interventions schedule

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