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BTS News – October 2014

Hello, Friends of Bellingham Threshold Singers,

It’s time for another update from the busy Singers.


SENIOR DAY IN THE PARK, Aug. 6: We set up our table and canopy, with colorful cloth hanging on the sides. Many people stopped by; we sang to some at the table, and others got a fuller experience by relaxing on our recliner under the canopy. It’s fun to network with other people serving the same population and to share our gifts with people who need them. The very next day, a nurse who had been staffing the table next to ours passed our information on to the family of a dying patient at the facility where she works, and we rushed right over and sang for them. Serendipity!

SKILLSHARE FAIRE at Hovander, Aug. 24:  We had a full, fun day talking to folks and singing to many. Especially delightful were three young girls who stopped by at the end of the afternoon and giggled through our singing. In the morning, our songs were interwoven with the sound of an Indian flute; later we struggled to sing against more lively background music. Our singing came to an abrupt close when a marching band went right by our booth at the end of the afternoon just as we were getting ready to pack up.

PNW THRESHOLD CHOIR GATHERING in Portland, Sept. 12-14:  Ten Singers attended to learn from the other women, to find out how other groups operate, and to sing and sing and sing. Janis, Cynthia, and Mary offered two workshops, which were well received. Seventy-five women’s voices singing Threshold songs was an inspiring experience! BTS gave financial aid to a few participants, enabling them to take part.

The successful COMPASSIONATE SINGING CLASS began again on Sept. 16, with 12 students — a full class — and there’s a waiting list. Almost all the attendees of the winter 2014 class are now members, and most have become sails.

OUR TREEHOUSE, an organization that offers support to children and teens who have lost a family member, had a training for their volunteers on Sept. 25. We were honored to be asked by the presenter on hospice services to demonstrate singing to a dying person at the end of her presentation. We accepted, of course, and sang “Spirit of the Wind” to a volunteer, who was moved.

The WOMEN’S VOICES program on radio station KMRE featured Bellingham Threshold Singers on their Sept. 28 program. BTS was represented by April, Cynthia, Mathilda and Janis. Host Kate Nichols interviewed us, and we sang a few songs, which were included at the end of the program. You can listen to the podcast online at

We sang at 127 bedsides in July, August and September — 427 so far this year. Membership is now 32, including 7 anchors and 15 sails. Between members, class enrollees and guests, we had 31 women at our Sept. 23 rehearsal — record attendance!


KATE MUNGER will be visiting Oct. 6, to share and inspire. Kate is retiring at the end of this year, after 14 years of first birthing the Threshold Choir and then seeing it grow to become an international movement. We are honored to have her pay a visit to BTS.

ART OF DEATH EXHIBIT: We will have a table at the Artists’ Reception on Friday evening, Oct. 10, and during the next day, Saturday, Oct. 11. We have been asked to sing at 7:15 p.m. on Friday, and at 1:00 on Saturday. Drop by and say hello! Not only is the Art of Death Exhibit going on at the Majestic these two days, but there are many death-related events all over Bellingham from Oct. 2 through the 19th. For a full schedule of events see

We will have an information table at the ALZHEIMER SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON’s annual conference, Oct. 24, at the Silver Reef Hotel. We look forward to hearing speakers on Care Partners: Meeting the Challenges. More info on the conference:

The BELLINGHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY has a pilot project to offer Skillshare-type programs to the public. BTS has been selected to present a talk about our service on Monday, Nov. 3 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. We’ll be demonstrating bedside singing using our reclining chair. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about what we do and ask questions.

That’s it for a couple of months. As always, thank you for your interest and support.

Bellingham Threshold Singers

P.O. Box 5303

Bellingham, WA 98227




To relieve distress, pain, or anxiety with comforting song

offered to individuals who are struggling to live or struggling to die;

To bring ease and peace at life’s thresholds.

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