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BTS News – March 2014



In December, we sang at a vigil outside the courthouse in Mount Vernon to remember homeless people who have died. About 30 folks gathered there, holding candles. We sang four songs, and those gathered joined us for the last two. They sounded great!

We held a holiday party December 17, where we enjoyed a potluck dinner, honored April for her service on the crow’s nest as she stepped down, welcomed Diana as our newest crow, and thanked Mary for remaining on the nest above and beyond the call of duty. Then we talked about bedside singing! One of our members, who has family in the Philippines (all survived, fortunately), was collecting items to be sent to typhoon victims. Many of our members brought donations, and we sent Sophi home with several bags of supplies to be brought to the Philippines by Child United volunteers.

One of our new members put us in touch with the Kiwanis Club of Bellingham, and we gave a presentation to about 30 members at their luncheon meeting in January. We talked about who Threshold Singers are, our mission and values, and the many thresholds in life. A brave volunteer sat in our reclining chair and was sung to. He survived (!) and was grateful for the experience. There were many questions from the audience, and we shared some of our bedside experiences.

Three of our members gave a presentation to a class in Interpersonal Communication at Western in February. We shared the class time with two people who had lost important people in their lives. We talked about what drew us to bedside singing and then demonstrated on the instructor, who loved it. Over 20 students were in attendance, and they asked some great questions.


We are half-way through our 12-week long class, which is designed to help participants become sails. We have 11 women in the class, one of whom has started sailing already. Two others have just become members. We are all very excited to have these new people join us. There were more people interested in the class than we had room for, so we’re planning to run the class again. We don’t have an exact starting date yet, but we may begin in April so we can finish before summer sets in. If you’re interested or know anyone who might be, please call us: 360-927-4384.


We have sung at bedsides 83 times in the first two months of 2014. Most of our sings are scheduled in advance, but sometimes we are called when a person has only a few hours to live. Twice recently when we’ve been called for someone actively dying, we’ve managed to arrive at the facility 30 to 45 minutes after the call came in. We feel very good about being able to round up singers and respond so quickly.


Have you discovered us on Facebook? We post interesting articles there, as well as relevant local events. Check us out at .


Kate Munger, who founded Threshold Choir in 2000, has announced that she’ll retire at the end of this year. Now there are over 100 chapters in the US and Canada, as well as choirs in several other countries. What an accomplishment! We are grateful to Kate for her contributions and wish her well in her future endeavors.


Guests are always welcome at our rehearsals. We meet from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Jerns Funeral Chapel at the corner of Sunset and James on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. It’s okay to just observe, or you can sing along with us. Call us at 360-927-4384 for more information, or check out our website at .

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